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Vitalità Cultural Association, Velathri Art Gallery and Fuoriluogo Restaurant present an art exhibition:






MARCH  – JULY 2018  Fuoriluogo Restaurant
Via Niccolò Cannicci 2/a, San Gimignano (SI), Italy

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Vitalità Cultural Association, Velathri Art Gallery and Fuoriluogo Restaurant open the 2018 season with an extraordinary collaboration, combining contemporary art with culinary art, in the historic town of San Gimignano. Two artists, Tadeusz Niescier and Mauro Francone, masters in two different fields. The Polish painter and photographer, Tadeusz Niescier will exhibit his works dedicated to the transience of flowering, in dialogue with the culinary masterpieces of the Piedmontese chef Mauro Francone. From March to July it will be possible to taste the Chef’s dishes and admire the works of Tadeusz exhibited in one of the most exclusive restaurants in the town. A blend of contemporary art which will also be augmented by cultural events enriching the sensory experience of Fleur Évanescente.





Tadeusz Niescier, a renowned Polish painter and photographer, lives and works in the northeastern landscapes of Podlasie. He was awarded his Master Degree in Painting in 1978 by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. His doctoral thesis in visual arts won him his PhD in 2012, at the ‘Faculty of New Media and Scenography’ of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. His lifelong artistic study is grounded on the close observation of the simplest elements of plants and flowers, bringing the examination of detail to almost abstract expression. His paintings have been exhibited in Poland, Germany, USA. Niescier dedicates himself to teaching art and photography in various universities. Recently, his passion turned towards photography resulting in surprising portraits of the tiniest elements of plants in large scale, giving them new meaning and creating visual metaphors of cosmic infinities and human emotions. Extracted from their natural state, and often bearing the touch of time, these fragments of nature reveal incredible richness of texture and detail. In their faded abstract beauty, abundant and delicate, they capture, suspended in space, weightless frozen movements of life.




Mauro Francone was born in 1973 in Turin. He trained at the A.I.C. professional cooking school of Turin, and he continues his study on advanced cooking courses with some of the best Italian chefs. His in depth study of Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophy and biodynamic agriculture represent the basis for many of his dishes. His skills range from traditional cuisine, widely revisited, to vegan, vegetarian and intolerant cuisine. Until July 2012 he was the Head Chef of the restaurant at Villa Borgo Pignano, a luxury estate located in a medieval village in the hills of Val d’Elsa, between Volterra and San Gimignano. For the last half and a half years he has actively collaborated with the Organic Academy, one of the leading companies operating in the vegetarian field in Italy, teaching classes in vegan and vegetarian high cuisine.






Fuoriluogo was born with a challenge: to search in Tuscany, with its strong gastronomic culture, for those innovative elements that would change your perspective, which would lead you to discover the unusual in the usual.

“Things I seek in a dish: emotion, delight, passion, colour, elegance, elements which in their guise seem the more to belong to art than to the kitchen. For this, I have joined to the emotion of food that of the photograph and that of the painting. To be ‘Fuoriluogo’ portrays my reflection and my idea of this experience. To seek out the extraordinary within the ordinary in a place where a restaurant and an art gallery become one, where to sit at a table signifies the beginning of a journey in which the margin between contemporary art and cuisine tends to zero.”

– Mauro Francone


Fuoriluogo Restaurant, Via Niccolò Cannicci 2/a, San Gimignano (SI), Italia
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