“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee…”– Job 12:8



Inspired by the deep-rooted intrinsic connection between art and nature, the Anima Silvae Association’s mission is to promote art which re-evaluates and brings to the foreground human awareness, experiences and the connection with nature. This unheard voice within contemporary art aims to reunite the artist and the public in observation, contemplation, and exploration of the living world.

The Anima Silvae Cultural Association is a non profit organization, formed in the heart of Tuscany, where it’s unique landscapes nurture creativity in many forms. Founded in January 2017 the Association was active for the first two years under the name Vitalità.

Regular activities include: the organization of exhibitions and events, curation of publications and communications and the ongoing development of artistic and cultural networking.

Purposes and objectives of the Association are:

Encouraging art expression to experience and respect our belonging in the realm of nature.

Exploring the mystery of existence through semiotic and formal studies of life forms and phenomena; biological, emotional and spiritual connections between plant, animal and human.

Defining the artistic creative process as a natural, organic unfolding of life, promoting techniques, materials and processes provided by nature.

Nurturing the dialogue between both Tuscan and international artists.



Our main field of interest and research are the visual arts in all their forms, our goal is the dissemination and promotion of artworks, art projects and artists through:

Research and advisory for art acquisitions for collectors, art enthusiasts and public institutions. International art consultancy.

Consultancy on selecting and integrating artworks with architecture, interior and garden design – private and public environments.

Organizing of temporary or permanent art exhibitions and installations in private or public inspiring locations, for example, hotels, museums, theatres, ecclesiastical buildings and historic properties.

PR and profile raising activities highlighting exhibitions and installations.



We specialise in originating and organising of inspiring cultural events. We integrate visual and performative arts for the purpose of:

Animation and promotion of private or public locations with an art presence focused on a refined audience.

Enriching private, business or institutional events with artistic and cultural elements.

Developing, stimulating or reinforcing of cultural networking and communication.

Promotion of events to relevant audiences. PR and press liaison.