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The collective exhibition of international artists explores the mystery of existence through intuitive, semiotic and formal studies of life forms and phenomena, tracing the biological, emotional and spiritual connections between plant, animal and human. Twelve invited artists will dialogue with soulfulness and mastery in various fluid configurations, introducing new artworks and themes throughout all summer. This dynamic exhibition is hosted in two venues all summer 2019, the art galleries: Kalpa Art Living in the historical center of Volterra and Pignano Art Gallery in the elegant estate and resort of Borgo Pignano.


Focusing on art which evaluates and brings to the foreground human awareness, experiences and the connection with nature, Anima Silvae Cultural Association together with Kalpa Art Living present a sophisticated dialogue between two ceramic artists: Japanese Yoshimi Futamura, living in Paris and French-Italian Sabine Pagliarulo, living in Rome. Both artists bring their ceramic work to an outstanding level of research and expression demonstrating that stoneware, terracotta and porcelain can create evocative and visionary contemporary sculpture.


In 2019 Anima Silvae is moving to its new location in the historical centre of the ancient Etruscan town of Volterra, one of the most picturesque locations in Tuscany. Its new home is in Palazzo Bonomini on Via Porta all’Arco, a charming street connecting the main square with the famous Porta all’Arco, an Etruscan gate to the city dating back to 4th century B.C. This sophisticated, mysterious building of palazzo Bonomini dates back to medieval and renaissance times…