Vitalità Cultural Association, Velathri Art Gallery and Cum Quibus Restaurant present an art exhibition:





MARCH  – JULY 2018
Cum Quibus Restaurant
Via San Martino 17, San Gimignano (SI), Italy

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Vitalità Cultural Association, Velathri Art Gallery and Cum Quibus Restaurant open the 2018 season with an extraordinary collaboration, combining contemporary art with culinary art, in the historic town of San Gimignano. Exhibited in Michelin star awarded restaurant, Femme Sublime is a solo show of the Tuscan artist Fabio Calvetti. It is a story of feminine introspection plucked from time and space, creating an atmosphere of intimate expectation and deep and wistful reflection. A journey into the private world of contemporary femininity, caught in that intimate moment withdrawn from the surrounding chaos, where the more inward and vulnerable qualities of woman are expressed in settings of engaging urbanity or retro styled drawing rooms. Femme Sublime is curated by the Vitalita Association in collaboration with Velathri Art Gallery and coordinated in the course of the exhibition dedicated to femininity: 女[Onna], a show programmed for the Pignano Art Gallery of the Borgo Pignano and at the Palazzo Priori in Volterra.





Fabio Calvetti was born in 1956 in Certaldo, close to Florence, where he lives and works. He is a member of the New Italian Figuration. His work represents the waiting, the absence and the silences of the soul, empty spaces pregnant with questions. A wistful woman is often the protagonist, alone in interiors of houses and bars, suspended in a timelessness. Sometimes the environment itself is the lead with a glimpse of an interior or the urban night. Fabio Calvetti graduated from the Art Institute and the School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He has exhibited his works worldwide, from Japan to the United States and Nova Scotia, in solo and group exhibitions. He frequently participates in major international art fairs. In 1995 he held a painting internship at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Le Port on the Island of Réunion. His works communicate an atmosphere of suspension, in contrast to the frenzy of modern life. This is even more evident in his latest work, where he moves outdoors and focuses on metropolitan views and industrial suburbs during the silence of the night.




Alberto Sparacino, was born in 1984 in Colle Val d’Elsa, close to Siena. Aftera training as a surveyor, he discovered his passion for cooking and started to work during the summer seasons in restaurants, importantly at the Restaurant Cardinale in Colle Val d’Elsa, flanking Chef Franco Sangiacomo. At 21, having abandoned his studies in Engineering, he dedicated himself to the culinary arts becoming part of Chef Gaetano Trovato’s team at Restaurant Arnolfo, where he worked for three years and where his longlasting friendship with Matteo Lorenzin began. Following this and thanks to Sangiacomo, he gained a place in the kitchen of Barone Ricasoli, at Castello di Brolio, which he guided for four years and which gave him the chance to gain experience abroad, especially important at Daniel Bouloud in Manhattan where the French approach and oriental influences would be crucial for his future. After a time working in the Colombaio in Casole d’Elsa,he met Lorenzo Di Paolantonio which marked the beginning of the extraordinary evolution of one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Medieval ‘Manhattan’, honoured last November with the award of the Michelin Star.







Cum Quibus, founded in 2005 in San Gimignano by the Di Paolantonio family to introduce quality cuisine to this Tuscan town. A goal assured of success at the turn of 2014 by the appointment of the young chef Albert Sparacino, born in nearby Colle Val d’Elsa, who at age thirty three came with a worthy job behind him, a training at the Arnolfo di Gaetano Trovato and valuable experience gained at the three Michelin Stars, Daniel Bouloud in New York’s Manhattan. In a street off the tourist track, Cum Quibus is both eclectic and classic “Tuscan”. Winning a Michelin Star in 2017 its thirty young professionals work towards the same goal: excellence.


Cum Quibus Restaurant | Via San Martino 17, San Gimignano (SI), Italia

+39.0577.943199 | info@cumquibus.it  | www.cumquibus.it