Marina di Scarlino, Vitalità Cultural Association in collaboration with Barbara Paci Galleria d’Arte and Velathri Art Gallery present:








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A tribute to both the power and the fragility of the sea, to the beauty of its constant change, to the grace and delicacy of its current equilibrium, Ephemeral Sea dedicates to the contemporary art scene a poetic exhibition of works that have drawn inspiration from the magnificence and the magic of the sea.

A contemporary exhibition with a mythological narrative punctuated by the works of Andrea Collesano, an artist who made known to the world his vision of the sea, characterized by the representation of large cetaceans, seahorses, crabs and jellyfish in a symbolic dialogue between them and the surrounding environment. A marine panorama of grace and harmony emerges from the ceramics of Edi Magi, where the artist recreates the richness and delicacy of its varieties of corals and shells. With the photographs of Kacper Kowalski Ephemeral Sea is also a warning about the consequences of the superficiality with which the logic of contemporary society matches with this primordial deity.

An exhortation to care about the marine environment to preserve its nuances which have seduced humanity for millennia, this exhibition also speaks a message of positive indifference from the Sea’s side, which seems to suggest to us that, despite the action of man, a new balance will, in any case, be re-established.

The project is curated by Vitalità Cultural Association with the partnership of Marina di Scarlino, the Barbara Paci Art Gallery Pietrasanta and the Velathri Art Gallery San Gimignano.



Collesano - Marina di Scarlino


Andrea Collesano, a young Italian artist, expresses himself through the languages of indian ink and bronze. He graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Inspired by an imaginary of a distant lost time, by ancient naturalistic etchings, the artist reconstructs his own mythological panorama, dedicated to the vegetable and animal kingdoms, the main sources of inspiration for his dreamlike creations, which are characterized by a meticulous, almost scientific approach, combined with the obsessive attention to detail. Collesano lives and works in Tuscany, in the coastal town of Forte dei Marmi. He collaborates with prestigious international galleries, among them theBarbara Paci Art Gallery in Pietrasanta, place of election, the latter, of the Italian contemporary art scene.


Kowalski - Ephemeral Sea - Marina di Scarlino


Kacper Kowalski, a Polish artist lives and works in Gdynia, Poland. Having previously worked in architecture, Kowalski chose to devote himself entirely to flying and photography. As both a pilot and photographer, he takes meticulously detailed aerial pictures of diverse natural and urban environments. His captivating images of forests, fields, lakes and open countryside trace industrial damage and the changing pattern of the earth. His evocative photography and striking drawings have received numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award (2009, 2014, 2015), the Picture of the Year International POYI Award (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016), along with many others. His first photography book, “Side Effects” was published in 2014 and won the prestigious Best Photography Book Award in the Picture of the Year contest. Last year he released his second book “Over”, rigorously monochromatic even if photographed in colour. Photographs from both projects are displayed all over the world.



Edi Magi was born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, a place rich in history stretching back to the Etruscans. Despite graduating from Siena University with a degree in Modern Languages, Edi has always had a passion for the arts, especially drawing and painting for which, from an early age, she showed a natural flair and sensitivity. Her interest in ceramics began simply for fun, yet by the early 1990’s, she was working with established Italian masters, learning a wide range of techniques including throwing, decorating and firing. She then went on her own way, taking on a new directions as she challenged herself, and her work has become a fusion of sculpture and painting, in which form and decoration mingle and alternate with captured movement. She has always felt an instinctive attraction to other cultures and she has travelled extensively, always curious to see, experience and learn. This exposure often appears in her work. She delicately balances a blend of both traditional and contemporary, resulting in fresh and energetic forms. Each piece she makes is unique, and made entirely by hand. She often collaborates closely with her clients, architects and designers, and regularly exhibits in Italy and abroad.



Puntone - Marina di Scarlino


The Marina of Scarlino is a strategic port to experience the Mediterranean sea.

A corner of happy nature, among crystal clear waters, cliffs and pristine beaches. Marina of Scarlino opens onto one of the most gentle and sheltered gulfs in Tuscany. In every season a splendid breeze regime blows generous, seducing the best sailors in the world, protagonists in this sea of regattas of the highest level.

The Marina of Scarlino also offers an exclusive rich shopping gallery of boutiques, restaurants and places where you can savour the refined Life Style of the Marina, crowned by the presence of national and international artists exhibited in the new Art Gallery.






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