We are proud to present a new chapter of  Vitalità

– our new Cultural Association.


Inspired by the deep-rooted intrinsic connection between art and nature, the Vitalità Cultural Association’s mission is to promote art which re-evaluates and brings to the foreground human awareness, experiences and the connection with nature. This unheard voice within contemporary art aims to reunite the artist and the public in observation, contemplation, and exploration of the living world.

The Vitalità association focuses on encouraging arts’ path into nature by exploring the mystery of existence through semiotic and formal studies and interpretations of diverse life forms. The association is formed of artists and art promoters who have a shared interest in the biological, emotional and spiritual connections between plant, animal and human.

The Vitalità Cultural Association was formed in the heart of Tuscany where it’s unique landscapes nurture creativity in many forms. Vitalità’s activities include: the organisation of exhibitions and events, the curation of publications and communications and the ongoing development of artistic and cultural networking. Based within the medieval hilltop town of San Gimignano a recognised Unesco Heritage site, in 2017 Vitalità will be hosting several exhibitions and cultural events both at its gallery in Piazza Sant’ Agostino and also at its countryside gallery located at the historic estate of Borgo Pignano near Volterra, as well as other picturesque locations of Tuscany.

The Vitalità Cultural Association also supports and communicates the excellence of organic wine and food from the Tuscan region. The Association’s project, Contemporary Wine promotes initiatives and production methods that protect and enhance the natural eco-balance of Tuscany’s unique landscape. Vitalità and Contemporary Wine events combine gastronomy, oenology, art and culture, providing a harmonious environment where contemporary winemakers, local food producers and creative artists come together in some of Tuscany’s most beautiful locations.


“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee…”– Job 12:8